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Eagle Empowerment, Inc is a nonprofit organization, established in 2003. It’s mission is to aid in education by providing unique growth opportunities to youth and adult members of the community of Los Angeles, California. It accomplishes this through educational and training experiences that are motivational, inspirational and designed to cultivate leadership skills.

Through social outreach and community involvement, Eagle Empowerment Inc. provides profound learning experiences through classroom instruction, seminars, and field trips, including both short and long term instructive tours to domestic and international destinations. These programs are designed to expose the people served by Eagle Empowerment Inc. to the variety and diverse nature of our world at large, broaden their horizons, and deepen their awareness of people, conditions, historical events, and situations that add to the richness of life. These experiences expose them to the unlimited challenges and opportunities for all people, the likes of which they would never have been exposed were it not for the programs offered through Eagle Empowerment, Inc.


It is the aim and vision of Eagle Empowerment, Inc. to uplift, inspire, and help youth and adults reach their full potential by continuing to provide unique educational, personal and spiritual growth experiences through our travel and an “education on wheels” program. This undertaking supports, promotes, and advocates the development of life and leadership skills, social competence, an ongoing deepening of the knowledge of what life and reality demands, as well as our personal accountability in striving to attain that knowledge. Eagle Empowerment, Inc. encourages and draws on spiritual values, insist on self-awareness and the application of practical insights and practices that are necessary for thriving and surviving in a rapidly changing and diverse world. Eagle Empowerment, Inc. seeks to identify and apply the best strategies for encouraging people to make the best choices in life and to embrace ongoing personal growth and development as a life long value. The acquisition of the knowledge offered through Eagle Empowerment, Inc. can be returned to the community with a renewed sense of possibility within the people served, thus creating a new legacy for the twenty-first century.


Every day, in one of America’s most prosperous cities, young people struggle to succeed, but encounter insufficient resources. Young people in Watts and South Central Los Angeles, in particular, lead very different lives from their more affluent peers only a few miles away. Their potential is blocked, in part, by a grave lack of recreational opportunities to expand their intellectual and social horizons. Additionally, these young people have limited awareness of external environments, resulting in a lack of cultural sensitivity that further limits their ability to be future leaders in one of the most diverse economies in the world.

Youth Trek: Learning through Exposure offers an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective approach to transforming this situation by increasing cultural awareness. Youth Trek presents at-risk youth, ages 9 to 17, with unique and significant opportunities to experience other cultures; to practice responsible behavior; to participate as citizens in their own communities; and to learn life-long skills that will help them to avoid starting down a path of crime, violence, and drug abuse.

The pilot Youth Tour, held in July 2000, was highly successful. Prior to the departure, twenty-six at-risk youth learned specific computer skills that would enable them to update the Youth Tour website with tour highlights on a daily basis. These young people ventured across country via motor coach – farther from home than any had ever been – with twelve chaperons that tracked their daily whereabouts and addressed educational and health/safety needs. Each day, the young people completed writing assignments that documented their experiences and reactions. By the time they returned home 24 days later, they had visited 29 states, plus the District of Columbia – and been changed forever.

Further evaluation of the pilot Youth Tour showed that tour participants demonstrated higher self-esteem and self-respect, and were appreciably more self-confident in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.  Additionally, they had developed valuable long-term competencies, including teamwork, life skills, and the ability to navigate social relationships with those of different races and backgrounds. The program name was changed to Youth Trek, thanks to feedback from the participants.

Youth Tour 2005, based on the great success of the pilot tour, Youth Trek prepared for the next project. The project served 33 participants July-August 2005. A bus transported 20 students, 10 chaperons, and 3 mentors. Classroom training was used to familiarize the youth with the program and with what was expected of them, and the history of the tour sites and points of interest. This pre-travel time was instrumental in teaching participants how to use computers and digital cameras in order to maintain and update the website documenting the tour.

Youth Tour 2006 was a smaller excursion than Youth Tour 2005, but no less exciting. It will began in Los Angeles with college tours. Other places visited were Norfolk, Virginia, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Durham, North Carolina. The tour ended back in Los Angeles and a visit to the Getty Museum. Unlike Youth Tour 2005, the children who participated in Youth Tour 2006 travelled by airplane, which was a first-time experience for many.

The Academic Studies/Tutorial Program began October 2005. The tutorial program began by focusing on young students in the 4th grade through 8th grade. The tutorial program was created to provide an environment conducive to creative learning for students of all ages that will enhance and support knowledge in all academic subjects with an emphasis on reading, reading comprehension, writing and mathematical skills, and to offer techniques to foster the development of etiquette and social skills to members of the community.

Our philosophy is simple. Through Youth Trek, committed adults can serve as role models and instill strong values and a sense of pride in these young people. We provide them with ambassadorship training, enabling them to communicate confidently with those from other backgrounds. We work with them to improve their grades through exposure and learning experiences; and we assist them in their making positive life choices and building relationships with peers possessing similar values.

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