Day 34- Orangeburg, South Carolina

Reporters: Malik McCollough & Janell Grey

Devotion: Psalm 2

Many of us liked our time at Faith Deliverance Christian Center and the Faith Fellowship Conference. There was a lot of praise and worship through all of it. Many of us enjoyed the singing and dancing because it made us feel happy. The praise and worship made me feel closer to God. Our last day at the Faith Fellowship Conference was one the of best services. We learned from all of the services that we have to unite as one to get things done. The older and younger generation have to learn how to respect each other. Sooner or later the younger generation will be running the church and the seniors will look back at what a great job they did. We are different because God created us like that. But we have to be united. Bridges is what helps communities come together and go back and forth. Dr. Amos’ message really helped me better myself and changed my train of thought. When we returned home, I will work on becoming a better person.

We enjoyed playing basketball and other games with each other and with the other young people who gathered to have fun. We especially enjoyed hanging out with the youth of Kinston Christian Center because most of them were funny! Having shared the bus and hanging out in leisure time with them only made us closer, coming together as one. We now have friends in different places across the country.

Much of today is dedicated to driving over 400 miles from Norfolk, VA to Orangeburg, SC, so much of the ride we are catching up on our journals.  This morning, we left the Navy Lodge at 8:00am. While on our way to Orangeburg, we had to wait for a draw bridge to go down since a ship was passing through. Next to the bridge was the largest Naval Ship Yard in the country. The second largest is in San Diego, California. We entered North Carolina at 10:27 am. We made a stop at an information center along I-95. I grabbed 3 books Chapel Hill/Orange County 2015 visitors guide, North Carolina the official 2015 travel guide, and Charlotte 2015 official visitors guide and map. For brunch, we went to Cracker Barrel, and many of us ordered breakfast, since we only had continental breakfast at the hotel the past few days.

We entered South Carolina at 3:43. We stopped at the South Carolina visitor center. There wasn’t a map of the state of South Carolina unfortunately, and the bathrooms were not kept up well. South Carolina is hot! It was 103 degrees when we boarded the bus again.

Within our destination city for the night is Claflin University, which is the oldest Historically Black College/University (HBCU) and is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the state of South Carolina. South Carolina State University (SCSU) is also in Orangeburg, and has an undergraduate program in nuclear engineering and the only Master of Science degree in transportation in the state. SCSU is also the location where the unfortunate Orangeburg Massacre occurred in 1968, where State Highway patrolmen shot at 150 protesters who were gathering to protest segregation. Three were killed and twenty-eight were injured.

We arrived at the hotel around 6:25pm. We checked in and returned to the bus to go out for dinner. Many of us enjoyed the food, and the restaurant was packed since it was a Saturday night. We arrived at the hotel to 10:05pm to get some rest for church tomorrow morning.



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  1. Acinta Braithwaite said:

    Nice report Malik and Janell, it’s good to hear that dr. Amos made an impact on your lives. It’s been hot and humid over here too.

    July 28, 2015

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