Day 35- Orangeburg, South Carolina (Day 2)

Reporters: Garin Gray and Daijha Belisle

Devotion: Psalms 3

We all got on the bus by 9:00am. Garin read Psalms 3:5 and 7 while Daijha said the prayer. After devotion we were on our way to New Mount Zion Baptist Church for the 10:00am service, the church of our host Dr. John Singleton. We arrived at the church at 9:34am. We waited a while and then went into the church. We started off with a prayer and went straight into praise and worship. The church was big and the church wasn’t filled but when we sang, it seemed like the whole church was filled with people.

After the song, we were introduced to the church and we all prayed. Then the congregation stood up to sing Hymn 391 “I will trust in the Lord”. Next on the program were tithes and offering followed by another song “He keeps on Blessing”. After the offering he had a memorial for those who’ve passed away and have gone to be with Jesus in heaven. We prayed for them and the Pastor Yvonne mentioned that they were celebrating their 82nd anniversary, which means they’ve been around since 1927, which is a long time.

After that we sang another song “I made it through: which was Garin’s personal favorite and really got the church going. The message today was “God will send you a David when you’re facing a Goliath”. Basically what Pastor Yvonne was saying that when you face problems in life (Goliath), God will be on your side and will be there to help you (David). She also mentioned that some people don’t realize that their David has come because its not the David they’ve imagined. They imagined him to be bigger than Goliath and have more armor than Goliath not a kid with a slingshot. Meaning people want God to send someone in their favor so when they come they don’t recognize that the person who God has sent is their prayers being answered.

After the service we said our goodbyes and went back to the bus. While on the bus Dr. Singleton said that on behalf on “True Vine” which is Dr. Singleton’s youth group they would treat us to lunch. I know Pastor Carol was happy about that and it was really kind of them to do that for us. Today Dr. Singleton would treat us to Ruby Tuesday, a place we had not been to in a while. So we made sure we went to the salad bar in case that was the last time we went there.

After dinner, Dr. Singleton said a prayer and we headed to the Capital of South Carolina; Columbia. Recently, Charleston, South Carolina has been the center of controversy after African Americans were killed by a white male in their church based on Confederate beliefs. It was decided that the Confederate flag, which once waved proudly in front of the state capitol, would retire. We looked all over the campus to fine where it stood. A state patrolman informed us that the entire pole and its base was removed and was replaced with grass showing a faint sign that it was there. The confederate flag hung with the American one since 1962 and took it down in 2000 and placed it in front of the building. It was then taken down in 2015.

As we continued our walk around the capitol building, we noticed a memorial that was dedicated to African Americans. There was a replica of the slave ship and how all the slaves were packed into a small space. They also had a statue in memorial of the Palmetto Regiment, which was a military unit that recruited primarily from the Saluda County, South Carolina area. The regiment served with distinction in the Mexican War. A monument on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse is dedicated to these brave soldiers. We took a group picture and took in a movie.

The older kids went to see “Antman” while the younger kids and chaperones went to see “Inside Out”. We all enjoyed our day of sight seeing and entertainment. We actually made it back to the hotel to relax, watch television and catch up on our journals.



  1. Patsy McAfee said:

    Hello EVERYONE!
    The vision that Pastor Carol has for the young people is amazing! To be able to travel all over the United States is a Blessing. All those that have joined them at this time makes me feel so thankful that God has allowed them to witness this also. The pictures and the memories will be with them forever . I am so thankful for being in this ministry at “Bethel Unspeakable Joy Christian Fellowship Church.” We are keeping all of you in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing you all in a week. Time has passed so fast. Continue to enjoy each day.

    July 28, 2015
  2. Acinta Braithwaite said:

    You have one week left, wow, enjoy and have fun,,

    July 28, 2015

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