Day 36- Atlanta, GA

Reporters: Tony Taylor and Maleah McCullough

Devotion: Psalms 4

This morning, we boarded the bus at 9:15am with all of our bags and suitcases. Our devotion this morning came from Psalms 4. We left our hotel at 9:30am after prayer. Before we left, Pastor Carol told us that Ms. Mandy, the hotel manager at the front desk complimented our behavior and deducted $10 from every room which added up to $100 that we didn’t have to spend. Instead Ms. Mandy told her to use that money and treat us to lunch.

Our next destination is Atlanta, Georgia, only three hours away. After an hour and a half, we arrived into Georgia at 11:26am and stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center. We got free maps and pins. While looking at the map, we realized there were 5 cities in Georgia that were other state capitals. There’s Albany, Augusta, Columbus, Jackson and Nashville. The bus pulled off at 11:45am. For lunch, we used the $100 Ms. Mandy let us keep today and we ate at the Cracker Barrel. After lunch, we played checkers right outside of the restaurant until everyone finished their meal. We arrived at the Wyndam Hotel at 4:00pm. We had about 15 minutes to gather our things to go swimming at our hosts’ home. We finally left at 4:45pm to the house, which was 10 minutes away. We met Mr. and Mrs. Schultze (our hosts) then we changed into our swimwear. All of the boys decided to go for a swim while the girls played games until dinner. There were lifeguards on duty while we were swimming and we got to know them very well. One lifeguard “Ethan” taught everyone how to play corn toss and we all played 2-4 rounds.

For dinner there was chicken and pulled pork sandwiches, Macaroni and Cheese, and salad. For desert, was ice cream and popsicles. While we were playing, we received a free dental screening as well as free toothbrushes and toothpaste. What was so great about their home was the Chattahoochee River in their own backyard. We learned that is was a category 1 river meaning that it flows very slowly. About 30 minutes later it was getting dark and we had to leave. We arrived back at the hotel at 9:30pm and turned in to get ready for a very long day in Atlanta.

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  1. Acinta Braithwaite said:

    Hey grain and Janell,, did u guys go take a splash?

    July 28, 2015

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