Day 39-Jackson, Mississippi

Reporters: Christopher Wiley and Nia Boyd

Devotion: Psalms 7:1-3

The morning we had breakfast at 7:30am downstairs at the restaurant. It was buffet style breakfast and there was also an omelet station where we can make our own cooked by the executive chef. There were also biscuits, fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon, grits and oatmeal, potatoes, etc. At 8:30am, we boarded the bus and did our devotion and prayers. Before we left, Hahns, the hotel manager said a special prayer and told us that it was a pleasure serving us and invited us to return back to The Hotel at Auburn University. We also parted ways with our host Mrs. Sheri Schultze because she was driving back to Atlanta, Georgia. As we were pulling off, the staff of the hotel waved and we did the same. This was by far the best experience we’ve had at any hotel.

Our first stop before heading to Jackson, Mississippi was to visit the Auburn Raptor Center, which was only a 10 minutes drive from the University. The staff at the facility greeted us and they showed us the kind of meals the birds are fed. We saw frozen rats, quails, mice and other smaller meals. Raptors are birds that only eat meats. As we toured, we saw typed of owls, hawks and eagles. We learned that Eagles are no longer on the endangered species list or threatened. We saw how they train an eagle specifically the official eagle of Auburn University. Once they showed us how they trained him, we took a group picture with it.

Once we finished our tour, we boarded the bus and said goodbye to Uncle Darrin. We can’t wait to see him when we return home on Monday! Pastor Carol received a basket from the “A-Team” filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us. She also shared with us the blessings, which continue to come in and how well behaved we, are in public. There was a waiter at the hotel that asked about us. He was completely shocked once Pastor Carol told him where we were traveling. He originally thought that we were privileged rich kids based on our manners and obedience.

Since we had a long drive ahead of us, we wrote in our journals and played games. Our next stop was the State Capitol Building in Montgomery, Alabama. It was very hot so we got off the bus quickly took our photo and go back on the bus. Next was Selma, Alabama. It was not originally on our list of things to see and Pastor Carol made a slight detour. She wanted us to reenact the moment when hundreds of black citizen marched across the historical Edmond Pettus Bridge to peacefully fight for the right to vote. Once we reached the top of the bridge, we took a picture. At the end of the bridge, was a museum dedicated to the events that led up to the moment, even the events they occurred after. It just so happened that a cameraman and reporter were there from Al Jazeera news that wanted to interview us to get our thoughts as we walked across the bridge. Pastors agreed and we were interviewed for about 30 minutes. It will be aired on Saturday August 1st. Because we did an unexpected interview, we were behind schedule and returned to the bus to continue our drive to Mississippi. We finally had dinner at Ruby Tuesday at 5:30pm. After we ate dinner, our waiter encouraged us to get back on the bus, because there was a man whose confederate flag waved proudly over his truck. He was parked in the Ruby Tuesday parking lot but he was not in his car. We left the restaurant full and tired but we made one more stop at the State Capital Building of Jackson, Mississippi. In 1950, France casted 53 bells for the United States and gave them to the government. One of those bells sits in front of the capitol building. Finally we settled in 30 minutes later at the comfort inn. Tomorrow was have another long day ahead of us as we are traveling to Dallas,Texas.






  1. Andrew Hopkins said:

    Thank you so much for visiting the raptor center! I do a lot of tours out here, but this group was by far one of my favorites. Hopefully everyone learned a lot and will remember to look up in the skies for birds when outside. I hope you have safe travels back and continue to have a great trip! WAR EAGLE!!

    July 31, 2015
  2. acinta braithwaite said:

    That’s great, u guys saw the Edmun Pettis bridge, see that the movie SELMA, was out not too long ago.

    August 3, 2015

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