Day 40-Arlington, Texas

Reporters: Anthony Davis-Dolphin and Geovanny Martinez

Devotion: Psalms 8


Wow! Only 3 more days of Youth Tour 2015 left. Today we ate breakfast at the hotel at 7:30am. We boarded the bus at 8:30am. This mornings devotion from Psalms 8:2 and 6-9 was led by Anthony followed by prayer led by Geovanny. We left 8:38am headed for the Medgar Evers Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.

Medgar Evers was born in Decatur, Mississippi. He joined the U.S. Army in 1943. He and five friends were forced away at gunpoint from voting. Evers attended the University of Mississippi. He became Mississippi’s first NAACP Field Secretary. He was an activist for voter registration, social injustice and desegregation of schools. He was a great civil rights leader in Mississippi. He was exposed to various threats and violent actions. On June 12, 1963, Ever was shot in the back of this driveway at his house in Jackson. He died a few hours later. Before we left Jackson we decided to visit the home of Medgar Evers and his family. On the way there, we turned onto the intersection named after Evers and Martin Luther King Jr. After his death, his wife gave the home to National Historic Parks. Unfortunately we were not able to go in because we arrived too early for opening. Instead we took a group photo and read the information on the plaques on the house.

On the bus, Sister Joyce, told us that according to U.S.A. Today, 52% of Americans only visited 10 states. However, we have been to over 25 states, which make us the better statistic. We continued our journey to Dallas, Texas. We entered the state of Louisiana at 10:00am. Just before crossing over, we drove over the bridge and beneath it was the Mississippi River. Right in the middle of the river divides the states. Both Mississippi and Louisiana share half of the river. We stopped for our dinner in Shreveport at Shane’s Seafood and BBQ. While we were there, Minister Rita was reunited with her family and they fellowshipped together. After dinner, we took a quick photo op at Louisiana State University at Shreveport. The University was established in 1967. Their school colors are purple and gold. It opened as a two-year community college, but switched to a 4 years University in 1972. After we left the college, we continued on to Dallas, Texas. We arrived at the State line of Texas at 4:51pm and we stopped at the visitor’s center. Three hours later we arrived in Arlington, Texas. Our hotel for the evening was Comfort Suites located in Arlington o the outskirts of Dallas. After dropping off our bags, the group walked to Burger King for a snack.


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