Day 42-Phoenix, Arizona

Reporter: Garin Gray


Devotion: Psalm 10:4-7

Today we woke up from a long day of driving expecting more. We got our bags down at 8:30am and boarded the bus. Daijha did the devotion Psalm 10:4-7 13 and 14, and Garin said the prayer to keep us safe on the road. We left the hotel at 8:35am.


On the bus all of the kids were required to get their journals up to date before using any for of electronics. While driving through El Paso, we could see Mexico. It was really cool!


At 9:30am we crossed into New Mexico from Texas. New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. Our first stop in New Mexico was the welcome center where we took a bathroom break and pictures. When we got back on the bus, we watch the movie “The Goonies”. Most of us went to sleep.


After a while we stopped at Lordsburg, New Mexico and ate at Kranberry’s Family Restaurant. After lunch, we headed back to the bus. On the bus we watched another movie the original “Parent Trap”. While watching the movie, we crossed the state line of Arizona at 1:31pm. The next movie was “Akeela and the Bee”.


The movie ended just in time as we pulled up to the State Capitol Building in Phoenix. After Pastor Carol informed us that at 7:00 anyone who wanted to join may go to iHop. Everyone went except for Ms. Tinika, and Amaya. Daijha and Caleb stayed overnight with their grandmother. It was one of the best nights we had. We all reflected on our 43-day trip across the United States and how thankful we were for our driver Mr. Wayne. It was discussed that because he took great care of us on the road and went above and beyond that we, as a group would tip him when we arrive to our final stop. HOME!

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