Day 43-Los Angeles, California

Reporters: Tony Taylor and Maleah McCullough

Devotion: Psalm 11

Today is the last day of the trip, and we are doing the last devotion from Psalms 11. Breakfast was around 7:00am and we all boarded the bus at 8:30am. We were introduced to Ms. Toni, (Daijha and Caleb’s Grandmother) our future chaperone. Tony did the devotion and Maleah said the prayer. It was a very significant closing to our devotion as Pastor Carol noted that we were the same ones to start the devotion on day 1. While on the bus, Auntie J gave us a question, which was “What do you want the most in the world?” and ended of by saying “The best things in life are not things”. It confused all of us participants, but really it means the best thing to have in the world is not an object like an Xbox, games or anything you can easily get rid of. The best “want” in the world is to have happiness. After about an hour, we arrived into our state line CALIFORNIA. The time was 10:52am, and everyone was happy. Also the border of California sits in the middle of the Colorado River. While waiting for the next stop, we watched the movie “The Game Plan”, and it seemed to keep everyone’s attention. After passing through Palm Springs, Chino, and several other counties. We ate our last meal together at Golden Corral in Hacienda Heights. Everybody had good time while we anticipated seeing our family again.

We boarded the bus for the final time, our last destination is home. As we journey our way down Central, Pastor Carol invited anyone on the bus to have final reflections. We all went up to the front one at a time and said how much the trip meant to us, who got on our nerves the most, and how close our friendships were to those we have never met before this tour. Afterwards, all of the chaperones got up and told us how proud they were of us and noticed how much we have grown since June 22nd and to keep up the good work. They encouraged us to keep our journals so that years from now, it would benefit us as we continue to pursue our education.

The bus pulled into the alley and we can see our family at the end, but Mr. Wayne stopped the bus and also gave a reflection on how we were well behaved and mature for our age. According to his travel log, the total mile that we traveled from June 22nd to August 3rd is 8,663. That is over 1,000 miles that was on our itinerary. The bus continued its way down the alley and we finally see our family. There were signs and loud cheering, but before we got off the bus, Pastor Carol gave the final prayer. It was an emotional prayer as she cried tears of happiness that our trip was successful with no accidents or sickness. She prayed for everyone on the bus before we were all officially dismissed as Alumni’s of Youth Tour 2015 and reunited 43 day later with our family.




  1. acinta braithwaite said:


    August 3, 2015
    • Mr. Daniel said:

      Really did enjoy having y’all on the tour at AT&T Stadium! i know that God will use each and every one of you to make a difference in the lives of those around you! Have a great rest of the summer. reading about your trip and looking at all the cool pictures has been very inspiring to me, and i have shared it with my wife and 2 daughters! May God bless you all! Go Cowboys!!

      August 8, 2015

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