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Meet The Board

Eagle Empowerment always focuses on portraying the children that are enriched by our many programs. This page

showcases the men and women who are behind the success of Eagle Empowerment.

C.F.O. Daisy Oliver

Daisy has been a part of Eagle Empowerment's Board of Directors since 2009, has a Masters degree in Social Work from USC, and a Bachelors degree from UCLA. She has worked as a therapist to former homeless individuals and families at WLCAC (Watts Labor Community Actions Committee) and Admissions Officer of UCLA between 2008 and 2011. Additionally, she has served at Goodwill as an MSW intern with the Vice President of Workforce and Career development. She currently serves is a Resident Coordinator for over 10,000 residents living on the campus of UCLA.

My mission is to continue serving my community with passion and vision to empower youth with education, leadership, and technology. I also proudly serve as the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O) on the Board of Directors of Eagle Empowerment, Inc. I am so grateful to God to be able to continue in my mission for excellence and serve in the organization that helped nurture me into a woman of vision, integrity, and trust in the Lord."

Director Joyce Rushing

"As a life long educator, I currently serve as the assistant principal of Frank Parent K-8 school. Eagle Empowerment is an extension of my commitment to serving the students who are our future."

Director Ronald Fairmon

Eagle Empowerment is an awesome opportunity to participate in the growth and development of our future leaders. As a member of the Board of Directors, i have the opportunity to invest time and forts into a non-profit organization that consistently goes above and beyond to grow and develop its participants trough education and travel.

C.E.O. Carol Houston

"Eagle Empowerment is a dream come true. It has been over ten years since the first students were empowered through travel and mentoring. I am honored to chair the Board of Directors. To be used of God, as a conduit to this great organization, is humbling. Tens of students have completed college and are impacting their community and the world. The best is on the way as students are becoming leaders in their own right."

Director Joyce Hopkins

"Eagle Empowerment has made it possible for me to help our youth. It is exciting to know that I am able to guide them in the right direction. I want their reality to collide with the real world, to propel them to excellence. With over thirty years of experience in customer service communication, I am able to teach them how to express themselves clearly and concisely. The Eagle Empowerment Organization helps motivate them through education and travel. As St. Augustine said, “those who do not travel read only one page.” The goal is that our students find their calling, make an impact, and ultimately change the world"

Eagle Empowerment, Inc.

Education in Motion

C.O.O. Carl Steel

Director Carl Steel has spent 34 years of his life as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. He has served as Liaison for the mayor of Compton,CA for 12 years.

"Being a member of Eagle Empowerment has allowed me to utilize some of my skills as well as resources to enable our youth the opportunity to become more complete within themselves. Giving structure to a young person life is so rewarding as you see that individual blossom into their greatness. A seed planted on good ground will always yield future harvest for others to feed on."

Director Sarah Akinwale

Director Sarah Akinwale's has been a board member since 2010. Her ties to Eagle Empowerment stem back to Youth Tour 2000. She was the oldest participant at the age of 16, and ever since then she has been motivated to contribute her time and efforts as an youth advocate and as a chaperon on Youth Tour 2005 and Youth Tour 2010. She believes in Eagle Empowerment's mission to educate and inspire youth through travel. The same way Eagle Empowerment broadened her horizons as a child, she hopes as a board member to make more formal contributions towards Eagle Empowerment's great legacy of igniting the lives of youth in the inner city and globally. Director Sarah Akinwale is a Behavior Therapist as well as a Developmental Interventionist for the Building Bridges Company

Director Melvis Baker

Director Mel Baker has been a board member since 2009. Being involved in exposing young men and women to the cultures of America and abroad, through travel, gives him great pleasure. He takes joy in being a part of their educational program; encouraging them to achieve their dreams, be whomever they choose to be, and be an example for others to follow.

Secretary Myrna Rochelle

"It has been such a pleasure to serve on Eagle Empowerment's Board of Directors for over 10 years. Exposing children to things that they only dreamed about is very rewarding."

Director Ken Bryant

“I am president & Broker of Records for New Canaan Realty Group, a residential real estate brokerage company in the greater Los Angeles area. A quote attributed to Mahatma Ghandi sums up my purpose for serving on the board of Eagle Empowerment. It states, 'Be the change you want to see in the world'. In South Central Los Angeles, like most urban minority communities, there is devastation from economic bright, broken families, gang violence, and overall sense of helplessness and despair. Constant exposure to this kind of environment can break the spirit of people. Particularly young people. That was me. I was fortunate to learn that there are better things in life than the things I saw in Compton, where I grew up. The purpose of Eagle Empowerment is education through exposure. I am involved to help expose our inner city youth to more than what they see and hear in their neighborhoods. Eagle Empowerment provides a voice of hope and facilitates activities that encourages our youths to excel, to counter the negative influences in their neighborhoods. I truly believe exposure through education changes lives.”

Director Yolanda Carroll

Yolanda Carroll has been a board member since 2007.  As a graduate from Cal State Northridge's School of Engineering she has a passion to encourage and motivate children to aspire to educational excellence especially in exposing them to math and science.  Her passion for children to excel through educational opportunities is her chief motivator for serving on the board of Eagle Empowerment.

Director Peter Braithwaite

Director Peter Braithwaite not only does he have a heart for the well being of youth. He also has made a career in ensuring the well-being of our country. He is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. He is Currently serving his term in the state of Washington.

Director Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is a training and compliance expert for Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union for 15 years. He also serves as the dean of Eagle Empowerment's Student Advocacy Program. Kevin Davis has been on the Board of Directors since 2008.