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We focus on educating and empowering our young people and adults to become leaders. We offer the following services:

Touring National Historic Sites

The history of our nation is rich. Children are exposed to the National Historical Landmarks throughout this great nation as we travel from state to state. Experiencing cultural diversities, civil rights, national and state government buildings, urban cities, skyscrapers, rural farmlands, bodies of water and mountain ranges, enrich the perspective of each participant.

International Exposure

Students have experienced travel to Canada and Liberia West Africa. Global awareness empowers our children to dream big. This exposure imparts vision to conquer great dreams while discovering the similarities of mankind.

College/University Visits

Our students place their feet on college and university campuses throughout our nation and immediately see themselves a part of campus life. We instill in each child the importance of college degrees. We encourage the children to declare their college of choice at an early age.

Student Advocacy Support

Children are partnered with a mentor that will support, represent and defend them. The advocate instills strong values and a sense of pride in each child. We further assist the student in obtaining excellent grades, develop long-term competencies that include teamwork and life skills. For more information, Click Here

Computer Center

We offer classes in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. "Introduction to Computers" and "Surfing the Net" grabs the interest of many of our students. Adults in the community benefit from these classes as well.

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