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Youth Participants A-F

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                                   Joseph Akinwale                        Matthew Akinwale                          Peter Akinwale

                                Age: 13 Grade: 7th                     Age: 10 Grade: 5th                      Age: 9 Grade: 3rd

                            Interests: Playing Drums,                  Sports, Scouting                      Reading, Swimming, &

                                Skating and Biking                                                                                  Running


                                  Sarah Akinwale                          Bridgette Bryant                         Anthony C. Buck Jr.

                              Age: 16 Grade: 11th                   Age: 13 Grade: 8th                      Age: 15 Grade: 9th

                       Reading, Computer Games,           Talking on the Phone &                    Biking, Camping, &

                                    & Swimming                       Hanging out at the Mall                   English (the Subject)

                                                                                      with Friends


                                       Tier S. Elera                                Justin Ellis                                 Lauren Ellis

                                   Age: 9 Grade: 5th                     Age: 12 Grade: 7th                     Age: 9 Grade: 4th

                           Cooking, Dancing & School                 Playing football                           Cheerleading


                              Lauri D. Fairmon-Scott                   Racquel Fairmon                         Ron Fairmon Jr.

                                Age: 14 Grade: 9th                      Age 12 Grade:6th                      Age: 15 Grade: 9th

                            Playing Games, Talking,                   Band, Singing, &                       Playing Basketball,

                                   & Joking Around                             Socializing                               Board Games, &

                                                                                    Watching Movies              



                                                                                      Ashley Footman

                                                                                   Age: 11 Grade 6th


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