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Youth Tour 2000

Youth Tour 2000 returned July 27, 2000.  It began as a vision birthed through Carol Houston in July 1999. On a flight from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Houston knew that she could take her youth from the Watts area of South Central Los Angeles on a cross-country tour of the United States.

Ms. Houston knew immediately how expensive this tour would be. As quickly as she had this thought, she had the solution. Each child would be challenged to raise $1,000.00. Ms. Houston committed to match their $1,000.00 contribution to cover the $2,000.00 cost per person.Our tour traveled to 29 states and the District of Columbia in 24 days.

We had 26 children who met the challenge and participated on this remarkable trip! Our tour exposed the children of our church and community to the richness and vastness of our country. For many this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Funds were raised by the children, their parents, their church, and many others who responded and contributed to this wonderful vision. Youth Tour 2000 Participants:


Date                                      Destination

Mon. July 3                           Tucson, Arizona

Tues. July 4                         San Antonio, TX

Wed. July 5                          Houston, TX

Thu. July 6                            Mobile, AL

Fri. July 7-9                          Atlanta, GA

Mon. July 10                        Creedmor, NC

July 11-15                            Norfolk, VA

July 16,17                             Washington, D.C.

Tue. July 18                          Philadelphia, PA

Wed. July 19                         New York, NY

Thu. July 20                          Toledo, OH

Fri. July 21                            Chicago, IL

Sat. July 22                           Sioux Falls, SD

Sun. July 23                          Mount Rushmore, SD

Mon. July 24                          Yellowstone, Wyoming

Tues. July 25                        Salt Lake City, Utah

Wed. July 26                          Las Vegas, Nevada

Thu. July 27                          Back to Los Angeles, CA!


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