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This page shows the highlights of our tour for the days July 10th through July 17th. Check our participants page to see which of us is reporting on a particular day!

Monday-July 10th

                                                 Flower letters "NC" at                                                                                                        Swimming pool at

                                         North Carolina Welcome Center                                                                                       University of North Carolina -       


"Cruisin' The Carolinas"

This morning we had a good breakfast.  We made it to two states today,  South Carolina and North Carolina.  We went to a restaurant called Quincy's and stopped at Sam's Club to get drinking water.Today we went to visit North Carolina University and Duke University.  We went to see the swimming pool at the University of North Carolina where the swimmers practice.

Duke University is in the city of Durham.  When we got there, we saw the Duke Forest.  There was a statue of Mr. Duke, and a "Gothic Style" chapel building.

Reporting: Matthew Akinwale


                                                  Pastor Sharon S. Riley,                  Sis.Michelle Harris  & Deniese McAfee                    U.S. Navel Ship in a

                                                  Bishop Barbara Amos,                           at the "Waterside" Norfolk                                   "Dry Dock" on the

                                           Lauren Ellis & Laurie Fairmon                                                                                                  Elizabeth River

                                                    in front of FDCC


"Southern Hospitality At It's Finest"

Good evening, today we departed from Creedmoor, North Carolina headed for Norfolk, Virginia to attend "Celebration 2000".  This conference is being held at Faith Deliverance Christian Center (F.D.C.C.).  When we arrived at F.D.C.C. Bishop Barbara M. Amos and Pastor Sharon S. Riley greeted us. As we got off the bus and entered into the sanctuary, the staff of F.D.C.C. also greeted us with open arms and warm smiles as they handed out our conference material.  We were  given an agenda of daily events.

After receiving our materials, we re-boarded the bus and headed for "Waterside", a riverwalk. We had lunch, went shopping and toured the Elizabeth River home of the largest Naval shipyard in our country.

We returned back to the church later that evening for dinner and attended F.D.C.C's weekly bible study.  Thank you FDCC for your warm "southern" hospitality! Birthday Shout Outs:  Sis. LaTanya Stacy, Tracy, Auntie Kim and Uncle Duck

Reporting: Lauren Ellis and Lauri Fairmon

Wednesday-July 12th

                                                Youth Enjoying Dance                                 Rehersal at F.D.C.C.                                      Praise Conference

Giving God The Glory In Virginia!

Hello! My name is Ashley Footman and I am reporting on Norfolk, Virginia.  Norfolk is the second largest city in Virginia. Virginia Beach is located at the mouth of the James Elizabeth and Nausemond River is at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.  It's population is 261,229 (1990).

Norfolk, Virginia is a major seaport and an important military center, having the worlds largest concentration of Naval installation as well as United States Navy Marine and Coast Guard Facilities.

The town was founded in 1682. Its early growth was based on the West Indies trade and the Virginia and North Carolina.

Today at Faith Deliverance Christian Center (F.D.C.C.) we started our first day of our workshops.  It was a good time of fellowship, worship and relationship with the various Churches. We really enjoyed ourselves as we started our time

of  giving God the glory through Praise Dance and Drama.

Reporting: Ashley Footman

Thursday-July 13th

                                         Let's Dance: A hip-hop number                                 T-shirt worn by                                       Mime performers from

                                          performed by Bethel's youth.                            conference participants.                           South Carolina participated

                                                                                                                        in the conference.

 Praise Explosion is 'Off the Hook'

On this beautiful day that the Lord made, Daisy Oliver was the key to opening up the doors for "Youth Tour 2000."

The day began with a wonderful time of praise and worship at Faith Deliverance Christian Center.  Their energy and love for the Lord was just heartwarming.  It really blessed the youth of Bethel.

During the morning praise and worship, Bethel's youth (along with several dance ministries from other churches), were able to display our love for God through dance.  It was so beautiful how dance could be very powerful.  Moving our bodies to God's music "In His Name", blessed so many people.

After our time of fellowship ended, we continued having fun by participating in workshops to rehearse for the big "Praise Explosion" which occurred later in the evening.

During the ministry, the youth displayed all that they had learned over the past two days.  It was awesome to witness and experience God's use of vessels of all ages.

Hugs and kisses to all my family!!!  I love you!

Reporting: Daisy Oliver

Friday-July 14th

                                        Pastor Carol with Ms Williams and                   Shanelle Stanton with her                               Inside the Virginia  Air

                                               another employee from                                Gateway 2000 T-Shirt                                     and Space Museum

                                                     Gateway 2000                                              and gift bag

                    "Thinking Out of the Box"

Today we went to morning session held at F.D.C.C.  We experienced more mime, hip-hop and praise dances presented by the youth from all over.  All the dancers were really good and anointed.  After the morning session, F.D.C.C. arranged a tour to Gateway 2000.  We were able to tour both the production warehouse and call center.  We were given the opportunity to see how the computers are actually put together and we even got a chance to sit with some of the technicians and listen in as they answered calls.  Gateway 2000 even provided  a pizza and soda lunch.  Our tour guide, Ms. Gazelle Williams stressed that whatever we do in life, it is important that we begin "Thinking out of  the box".  We then left Gateway 2000 and headed for the Virginia Air and Space Museum.  Many of us boarded a ride called "The Flight Simulator".  IT WAS TIGHT!

Later this evening, we witnessed an official Service of Ordination.  This was a very formal service.   There were  individuals who were being elevated to the office of Elder and others who received their Ministerial Credentials.  

We had a good day today full of fun and excitement.  Thanks again to Gateway 2000 and F.D.C.C.!

Reporting: Shanelle Stanton

Saturday-July 15th

                                             Daisy & Friends at F.D.C.C.                       Me & The Posse at Food Feast                    Enjoying Gospel "Soul Train"

"Food Feast At F.D.C.C."

Hi!  My name is Aireaunn Webb.  Today, I am your reporter.  We attended a Friendship, Fellowship, Relationship and Worship Conference this week in Norfolk, Virginia.  I participated in the "hip hop" dance workshop where "Missy", our instructor taught us a cool new dance.  It only took two days to learn the dance. We presented this dance to the congregation of  Faith Deliverance

Christian Center (F.D.C.C.) and the visiting churches on Thursday evening.

Now, I would like to tell you about today.  We went to Faith Deliverance Christian Center to enjoy a "Food Feast."  Everyone wore their conference "T-Shirt".  This was mandatory in order to participate and eat.   We had a heavy lunch which consisted of chicken, greens, bread, potato salad, cake, chips, beans, soda and juice.  After lunch, we played outside and fellowshipped with other young people.  We all danced in a  gospel "soul train" line.  They played some jammin' gospel music. This was a lot of fun!

Finally, we returned to the hotel and went swimming.  This was the first time in a long time that we swam since arriving in Virginia.

Reporting: Aireaunn Webb

Sunday-July 16th

                                       The "Big House" at Carter's Grove                        The Lincoln Memorial                            The Washington Monument

                                                                                                                           at "The Mall"        

Headed For D.C.

Today we say good-bye to Norfolk, Virginia and make our way to Washington D.C.  Along the way we stopped to visit a very famous plantation known as "Carter's Grove" located in Williamsburg, Virginia.  On this huge piece of land (approx. 400 acres), a rich man named Mr. Carter owned about one thousand slaves.  During our tour of  the plantation we visited the house that Mr. Carter constructed. In the 1940's, the house was restored, enlarged and modified to accommodate its new owners.  During the tour of Carter's Grove we visited the  "Slave Quarters" where most of the slaves lived and raised their families.  

From Williamsburg, we headed for "D.C." where we visited the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam Veteran Memorial.  The Vietnam Veteran Memorial was inscribed with the names of those veterans who served and died during the Vietnam War. This was a very fun and educational day!

 Reporting: Peter Akinwale

Monday-July 17th

                                        Bureau of Engraving and Printing                 Gravesite of  Robert  Kennedy                            The Capitol Building



Today was a busy day!  We started our day with a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  We learned how money is printed from start to finish. As we walked through the corridors, the printing ink smelled like wet paint.  Our tour guide asked us to take a deep breath because it was the "smell of money".  

We left the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and headed for the Museum of American History a part of the Smithsonian.  We enjoyed lunch and a leisure self-guided tour of different exhibits.  There was a wonderful exhibit of the African-American experience.  From the museum, we headed on foot to the Capitol Building.  There was a total of 91 steps that we climbed before reaching the top.  After going inside the Capitol, we were greeted by our tour guide who took us through different rooms. He gave the history  of  the different paintings on the walls and sculptures.  We did a lot of walking today and definitely got our exercise.

Our day doesn't end!  After our Capitol tour, we drove to the Arlington Cemetery.  When we arrived, Pastor Carol arranged to take a guided tour of the cemetery on a tram.  I think everyone was really happy because there was applause and cheering when she made the announcement.  During our tour of Arlington Cemetery, we visited the grave sites of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Onasis-Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.  We saw the changing of the guards at the grave-site of  the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier".

As this day drew to a close, we were tired!  But not too tired  to eat.  We ended our day at a wonderful family buffet for good food and fellowship.

 Reporting: Racquel Fairmon

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