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Youth Participants and Coaches

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                                                       Paige Snider/                                                                                                     Meredith Bagdazian/

                                                Clarence Braithwaite                                                                                                  Ronari Galloway

                                                Madison Fragoso/                                    Laura Pillsbury/                                      Shelby Pervorse/

                                                Timhoni Galloway                                Charles Goodridge III                                    Kesley Green

                                                        Alissa Sie/                                          Melissa Johnson/                                   Emilee Hurlbert/

                                                      Monae Green                                   Marlin Henderson, Jr.                               Christian Meeks                      

                                                                                                                                                                                            (not pictured)

                                                   Morgan Williams/                                   Jackie Scott/                                         Melissa McLeod/

                                                      Aerica Myers                                      Azadeh Myers                                          Garrett Nevels


                                                 Megan Argabright/                                      David Tetrick/                                      Lindsay Nelson/

                                                    Taylor Nevels                                             Darrin Oliver                                         Rochelle Tyler

                                                    (not pictured)

Julie Lockwood / Jasmine Zelaya (Not Pictured)

Youth Tour 2005 Participants and Coaches

Eagle Empowerment, Inc.

Education in Motion