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Mentors and Chaperons

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                                                        Tier Elera                                             Tinika Houston                                          Darrin Oliver

                                                 Age: 14  9th Grade                                 Age: 14  9th Grade                                   Age: 14  8th Grade

                                         Wants to meet new people,                  Wants to be an example to

                                          view historical places, and                  those who haven't gone on

                                             Youth Tour 2000 sites.                    the tour before, see different

                                                                                                                    sites and have fun.                                                                                        



                                                   Sarah Akinwale

                                                      Gwen Baker                                            Yvonne Boyd                                         JoAnn Cannon

                                                    Joyce Hopkins                                        Carol Houston                                         Denzil Houston                       


                                                 Deniese McAfee                                     Dolores McDavid                                  Christopher Miller

Youth Tour 2005 Participants

Eagle Empowerment, Inc.

Education in Motion