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                                                  Christian Meeks                                          Aerica Myers                                     Azadeh Myers

                                                  Age: 9  3rd Grade                                    Age: 10  5th Grade                              Age: 12  6th Grade

                                           Wants to see new states.                     Wants to see knew things,                Wants to have a good time,

                                         speak new languages, and                      and meet new people.

                                                 see Niagara Falls.


                                                     Garrett Nevels                                         Taylor Nevels                                   Kennesha Trammell

                                                   Age: 12  7th Grade                                Age: 10  5th Grade                                Age: 11  5th Grade

                                           Wants to travel around the                    Wants to see new places                    Wants to see new places.    

                                         country, go to different states,              and things, and learn more                

                                      and see the Empire State Bldg.                 about places and items.

                                                       Rochelle Tyler                                   Lonnie Wilson II                                       Jasmine Zelaya                 

                                                   Age: 10  5th Grade                              Age: 14  8th Grade                                    Age: 10  4th Grade

                                              Wants to see new states,                                                                                   Wants to see different things,

                                               and meet new people.                                                                                            see family members,

                                                                                                                                                                                   and see Niagara Falls.

Youth Tour 2005 Participants

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