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July 15, 2005

                                                Inside the Lobby of the                              Top of the Building                            City View From the 86th Floor

                                                Empire State Building

Hello again Bethel Family and friends.  I am your reporter Tinika Houston.  This is day 11 of our journey and so far it has been great.  Today, I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and boarded the bus because we are on our way to New York City, NY.  Upon our arrival we visited the Empire State Building which was built in 1931.  This building has 86 floors and held the title as the worlds tallest building until the title was given to the World Trade Center in 1972.  This building stands at 12,500 feet and is made of steel, brick and limestone.  We had the privilege to go the very top of the building to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  I was thrilled to be at the top of this historic building.  After we left the Empire State Building, we arrived at our hotel in Jamaica, New York where we ate pizza and salad before turning in for the night.

Tinika Houston, Reporter

Hello citizens of the world.  I hope you love my report today.  We are currently in New York.  To me, this is a beautiful city, but very expensive to live in.  On our way to the Empire State Building, we were able to see Central Park, a very famous park in the U.S.  I'm very excited at the fact that we are now waiting in line to go up to the observatory on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.  The line that we are in is like a maze in an amusement park.  There are probably at least 400 people,  if not more, waiting just like  I am to see this great city.  This has been and unbelievable day for me.  I can not wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Christian Meeks, Reporting

July 16, 2005

"Our Lady of Liberty"                    TheCcross that was left at                         Times Square

                                                "Ground Zero" after the attack

Today we left the hotel at 8:51 a.m.  My partner Darrin, once again, gave our daily inspiration and I prayed.  This morning we took a boat cruise that gave us a close view of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ellis Island and the Washington Bridge just to name a few.  There were many other historical sites that we witnessed as well.  After our 3 hour tour of all five Boroughs that make up New York, we spent time in Times Square for sightseeing and shopping.  We left Times Square.  At 4:50 p.m. we arrived at "Ground Zero", where the World Trade Center once stood.  It was amazing to see the vacant area where two massive buildings once stood.  The only thing that really stands as a reminder besides the gapping hole, is a cross of iron.  It was truly astonishing.  We left Ground Zero and headed back to our hotel to reflect on what we have seen.

Taylor Nevels, Reporting

Last night we stayed at the Hampton Inn Hotel located in Jamaica, New York.  This is within the borough of Queens.  Today we will do a variety of things.  We are going to take a cruise around the Hudson River  to see more of New York.  We also plan to explore Times Square and visit Ground Zero.

Our cruse around Manhattan began by us floating down the Hudson River which was named after Captain Henry Hudson.  Our guide Mr. Murray, was very detailed with the information he gave.  We learned that the Hudson River has two currents running through it.  We also learned that New York is comprised of five Boroughs.  The names are: Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.  Mr. Murray also shared with us that Hip-Hop began in Brooklyn in the 1960's.

After departing the cruise, we ventured in to Times Square.  Times Square is an amazing place, if you like to be in busy surroundings.  It is filled with billboards, lighted signs and gigantic televisions.  Pastor Carol, Tinika, Tier and I ate a fabulous lunch at Bubba Gumps Restaurant.  After buying souvenirs, we boarded the bus and headed towards Ground Zero.  At Ground Zero we stood in awe of what happened just four years ago.  We were all anxious to see what the devastation left behind.  During the last four years, the city has managed to replace the subway system and one of the smaller buildings that underwent some damage during the crash.  This was truly an unbelievable day.

Darrin Oliver, Reporting

July 17, 2005

                                                    The Liberty Bell                               Meeting Room of the Senate                      Room where the signing of

                                                                                                                                                                                   the Constitution and the

                                                                                                                                                                               Declaration of Independence

                                                                                                                                                                                              took place


Today we went to Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell.  We visited Independence Hall the place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.  After that we walked approximately three blocks to the home of Betsy Ross.  There we were able to see various rooms of her home.  We learned that the American Flag was possibly stitched in her bedroom.  Following this visit, we boarded the bus and headed for our hotel.  Prior to reaching our hotel, we stopped at the local Denny's.  We had a great day.  I hope we will

have an even better day tomorrow.

Rochelle Tyler, Reporting

Hello family and friends!  My name is Tier, reporting to you on our bus ride from New York to Philadelphia.  Our morning started off quite interesting.  As we were loading our luggage on the bus, it started to rain heavily.  We were trying our best not to get soaked, but most of us did.  When everyone was finally settled on the bus, Ms. Yvonne anointed each of us with "blessed oil" and prayed that none of us would get sick.  Thank you Ms Yvonne!

Today we toured Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House.  What I found interesting was how the Liberty Bell was originally cracked by contractors trying to fix a thin, much smaller crack which occurred after the American Revolution.   The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom, equality and justice for all regardless to color, race or creed.  We are learning so much on this trip and I hope that you are getting as much from the reporting, as we are from the

experience.  Hi Mommy!  I love you and miss you all

Tier Elera, Reporting

July 18, 2005

                                             U.S. Mint In Philadelphia                    Depiction of a slave being branded              Horse Carriage housed at the

                                                                                                        at the Great Blacks In Wax Museum              B & O Museum in Maryland

Today started as any other day.  We woke up, got dressed and loaded our luggage on to the bus.  During our morning devotion, my partner Ronari prayed and I gave the inspiration.  I read Psalms 34:1, 3 and 4.  I shared with the group the importance of giving God praise at all times no matter what may come our way and I told them how amazing God is.  Before leaving Philadelphia, we visited the United States Mint.    We were able to see different kinds of coins, medals and medallions.  The self-guided tour featured the process of how the coins start out as an artistic design.  This design is stamped on sheets of metal.  It was interesting.  After we left the Mint, we headed to Baltimore to visit the Great Blacks In Wax Museum.  This

museum was very educational and I learned quite a few new things about my heritage.  Some of the exhibits were somewhat graphic in nature, but I felt they gave a realistic depiction of the horrific challenges African Americans faced in the early days in America.  It also gave a positive picture of how Blacks have made contributions in every facet of this great country's history.  In many instances African Americans are great innovators.

When we left the Great Blacks In Wax Museum, we headed for the B & O (Baltimore & Ohio)Railroad Museum.  This museum holds the oldest, most historic and comprehensive collection of American railroad artifacts in the world.  It is located on a 40-acre historic site.  This museum is universally recognized as the birthplace of American railroading. I had a great time with my chaperon Mr. Denzil as we looked at many of  the exhibits.  It was a lot to take in, but well worth it.

Lonnie Wilson, Reporting

We started the day with prayer and devotion.  Our first tour was the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.  I learned that real people are on coins and I saw new pennies being made.  When we went to the Great Blacks In Wax Museum.  I learned that we were once owned by white people and they would whip us anytime they pleased.  This made me angry!  Our last visit was to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.  I saw a regular car that had its tires changed into train wheels and the car could be used on actual train tracks.  We left Maryland and headed for Virgina.  We enjoyed our dinner at the Pentagon Mall in Crystal City.

Ronari Galloway, Reporting

July 19, 2005

                                              National Museum of the                          Lobby Area of the Museum                           Inside the National Air

                                                      Native Indian                                                                                                           And Space Museum

Our day started with Garrett and I doing the morning devotion.  He read Psalms 137:14-15 and I prayed that God would bless everyone and that we would learn and appreciate everything we could.  After which Pastor Carol advised us what would be the highlights of our day.  This morning we were unable to get morning passes to the Capitol Building because the Prime Minister of India was in town.  It was decided that we would visit the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian instead.  The tour of the U.S. Capitol would wait until tomorrow morning.  

While at the National Museum of the American Indian, we viewed a short movie called "Who We Are" at the Lelawi Theater.  From this film, I learned the American Indian have had to fight and continue to fight to protect their land.  It was also explained they have a celebration called "The Day of the Dead" when the spirits of their ancestors are welcome back to the world.  They also place symbols of morning at the grave sites.  We viewed another movie about the Native American Indians both here and abroad.  This movie was very interesting to me because I learned interesting facts about the Native American Indian.

Jalen Gray, Reporting

Our second stop was the National Air and Space Museum.  For two and a half hours, Pastor Carol allowed us to roam freely throughout the Museum.  There were exhibits pertaining to World War II.  In this exhibit I saw military uniforms for Italy, Japan, Germany, The Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States.  We also saw the aircraft the U.S. Military used during this period of time.  There were many different exhibits and many types of aircrafts hanging from the ceiling.  I even saw a Simulate Lunar Module and directly next it were Apollo II space suits.  During our visit to the museum, we also viewed a 45 minute movie at the IMAX theater located inside.  This movie was called, "To Fly"!  It showed how far we have advanced in the area of flight technology.  Overall it was a great day and very educational.

Garrett Nevels, Reporting

July 20, 2005

                                         Ceiling of the Capitol Building                       The Group Posing With                      Interior of the Library of Congress      

                                                                                                                   Chaplain Barry Black   

On Wednesday we went to the United States Capitol building.  While on tour, we were able to see very old original art work and statues that represents the history of our country.  Our guides name was Mr. Peter.  He told many historic things about the Capitol's history.  After the tour, we led outside to the Senates side where we met Chaplain Barry Black.  He allowed us to ask him different questions about his job and his family.   He was very nice and polite.  Mr. Black took a picture with us and prayed for us before we departed.

When we left the Capitol building, we headed to the Library of Congress.  Our tour guide gave us many interesting facts and information.   As part of the tour, our guide showed us the main reading room which is located in the center of the library.

After we left the library, we enjoyed lunch at the McDonald's located in the National Air and Space Museum.  It was an exciting day.

Jasmine Zelaya,  Reporting

This morning we got up took our showers and put on our clothes.  After that Christian, Taylor, Darrin and I went down stairs to eat breakfast.  When we got down stairs 45 minutes later Darrin, Christian, Taylor and I had to put the coolers on the bus.  Once everyone was on board, we headed for the U.S. Capitol building.  Our guide, Mr. Rodger, took us through many rooms, but the "Rotunda" was most amazing.  It is 96 feet in diameter and 180 feet in height.  This room is used for important ceremonial events.  This is the room where former President Ronald Regan laid in state.  The area is still surrounded by red velvet rope.  A statue of Martin Luther King Jr. is also in the Rotunda room.  After the tour we went outside the Capitol where we were greeted by Chaplain Barry Black.  He welcomed us to Washington D.C. and answered some of our questions.  Before we left he prayed for us like he would pray for President Bush.  He is one of three men who has access to any Federal building without having to be searched.  He wears a small gold pin on his lapel that gives him this right.  

When our time ended at the Capitol building, we headed for the Library of Congress.  The most important and rarest piece of literature in the library was the "GUTENBERG BIBLE".  In 1929 during the depression it was purchased for 1.5 million dollars.  There are only 47 in the world.  It is the rarest item in the world.  In World War II, it was the only piece removed from the library to protect it.  In the Library of Congress there is marble everywhere you look.  There are symbols of snakes and eagles positioned in various places throughout the library.  We later found out from Mr. Rodger that the symbol of the eagle means strength and the snake wisdom.  What a great day we had!

Marlin Henderson, Reporting

July 21, 2005

                                              Bishop Barbara M. Amos                        The Fellowship Gathering                       Enjoying a Game of Basketball

                                           Addressing the Delegates at                                                                                       In the Faith Academy School Of

                                        "Fellowship Conference 2005"                                                                                          Excellence (F.A.S.E.) Gym

Today after breakfast we were on the road to Norfolk, Virginia.  It took us four hours to reach our destination at Faith Deliverance Christian Center, Inc. (FDCC).  When we arrived at the church, Bishop Amos greeted us with open arms.  At FDCC had the opportunity to play basketball in their newly built gym for the Faith Academy School Of Excellence (F.A.S.E.).  Buy the time everyone had finished playing, we were really sweaty and hungry.  

Bishop Amos and Pastor Riley, the pastor of FDCC, treated us to a most delicious dinner at Piccadilly's.  After we ate dinner, we headed to our hotel to freshen up.  Later that evening we were headed back to the church for a "fellowship gathering" which included food, games and yes, more basketball!  Our plan is to stay in Norfolk for the next four days to attend the Fellowship Conference 2005.  This should be really exciting.

 Monae Green & Aerica Meyers, Reporting

July 22, 2005

Faith Deliverance Christian Center         Preparing For Night Service                    Gwen and JoAnn

We went to Faith Deliverance Christian Center today for the Fellowship Conference 2005.  The theme this year is: "Maturing Christians Committed To The Local Church".  The children including the youth, took part in various workshops according to their age groups.  Because we were special guests of Faith Deliverance, they provided lunch for us during the break.  We had a choice of fried chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese and bread.  When lunch was just about over, one of the conference workers offered us a chance to choose a workshop class to attend.  Our choices were: Choir, Praise Dance, Spoken Word/Drama, Mime and Hip-Hop.  I chose Hip-Hop because I love to dance.  We learned both Hip-Hop and Step.  

Our workshop classes lasted two hours, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  When classes were over, we boarded the bus and headed back to our hotel to rest.  Later that evening, we returned back to the church for an evening worship service.  At this service we enjoyed praying, singing and participated in taking "communion".   We ended our evening with dinner at IHOP.

Kannesha Trammell, Reporting

We got up this morning and had continental breakfast.  After our meal we boarded the bus.  Today I lead the group in prayer and Kannesha gave the morning inspiration from Isaiah 1:19-20.  We arrived at Faith Deliverance just in time to join in with prayer and praise known as "morning glory".  After this session, we were divided up according to our age groups for special classes for the young people.  In my class, I learned that sinning is wrong!  When this class was over, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by Faith Deliverance.  We were then offered to attend such workshops as drama, choir, hip-hop dance, mime and choir.  I chose hip-hop.  The instructor explained to us that hip-hop means, "He Is Power - He's Our Power".  We watched a video on hip-hop and practiced some moves along with the video.  I had so much fun learning new dance steps!

Charles Goodridge III, Reporting

July 23, 2005

                                          Gymnasium at Faith Academy                       The Group Posing with                                  Teen Group From  

                                                School of Excellence                           Pastor Sharon S. Riley of FDCC                       Kinston Christian Center

At Faith Deliverance Christian Center there is lots of Praise and Worship going on!  Everyone is so friendly and nice.  At FDCC there is so much to do.  You can't do it all in one day.  Today Mr. and Mrs. Wellington were our teachers in the teen discussion group.  It was an awesome session.  After  my class, I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the MacArthur Center Mall.  When were done with lunch, we headed back to FDCC to enjoy an afternoon of playing more basketball while our chaperons were in a meeting with Pastor Carol.  Once the meeting was over, the chaperons had an opportunity to go to Wal-Mart to get us some snacks.  I had a great day.

Clarence Braithwaite, Reporting

July 24, 2005

                                               The Carrie B Boat Tour                                  U.S. Aircraft Carrier                               Ship Sitting in a floating               

                                                                                                                                                                                       "Dry Dock" For Repairs

Today we had to be on the bus by 7:15, so we had to wake up much earlier than normal.  Our first destination was the 8:00 service at Faith Deliverance Christian Center (FDCC).  Pastor Riley spoke from the book of Acts, chapters 1 and 2.  The message was about Christians needing to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  When service was over we were invited to the gym.  In the gym we were offered muffins, fruit and juice.  The hospitality at FDCC is absolutely awesome!  

Our next destination is the Carrie B boat tour.  This particular boat is a replica of a 19th century Mississippi River boat.  It is a 2 1/2 hour cruise.  The boat comes complete with a paddle wheel and is the most experienced tour boat in the harbor.  As we cruised the Elizabeth River, we saw jellyfish and naval war ships.  This Coast Guard inspected boat is also very accommodating.  She has an open top deck and sails smooth water seven days

a week  The Dupont harbor is the deepest harbor in the United States and we also passed the Lafayette River.  We also sailed passed the Norfolk International Terminals (NIT).  This is the place where ship containers are held; they are used to prevent theft.  WalMart happens to be the largest container using company in the United States.

We saw warship #78 which was named after Winston Churchill of Great Britain.  We also saw war ship #69 that has three mast.  This is unusual because most war ships have only one or two.  Norfolk Naval Base has more than 70,000 personnel.  

Once the tour was over,  we headed for Captain George Seafood Restaurant.  Many thanks to Bishop Amos and Pastor Riley for treating us to our best dinner yet!    

Azadeh Myers and Kesley Green, Reporting

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