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This page shows the highlights of our tour for July 2nd through July 9th. Check our participants page to see which of us is reporting on a particular day!

Sunday-July 2nd

                                                     Pastor Carol with                                        Pastor Carol & our                           Youth Participants & Chaperons

                                           Bishop Ralph & Betty Houston                          Bus Driver:  Varis Green

"Bon Voyage Celebration"

This afternoon the celebration began with family and friends joining us for an enjoyable "cook-out". The highlight of our day was having our bus driver, Mr. Varis Green in our Sunday morning worship service.  

The children are excited about our early morning departure on tomorrow. Their bags must be loaded on the bus by 4:30 am.  Our "Eagle" prayer time begins at 4:45 am.  It is a joy to see our children excited about this prayer time. Our  bus is expected to depart at 5:30 am.

As we prepare to depart, we once again would like to thank our many, many supporters. We ask for your prayers!

Reporting: Pastor Carol  Houston

Monday-July 3rd

                                              Scene of our first rest stop                              Our bus driver: Mr. Green                  The first news stand we saw in Arizona

"The Beginning"

Hi, my name is Joseph and I am going to tell you about the first day of Youth Tour 2000.The first thing we did was get on the bus and claim our seats. Next , we prayed for protection and safety on the road, and then we took off.

We went on Interstate 10, and in picture #1 you see the scenery of our first rest stop. While we were there, we took a picture of our bus driver, Mr. Green as you see in picture #2.

After we left the rest area, we started off on Interstate 10 again.  In picture #3, you see a newspaper stand representing our first stop in Arizona.Well, that's all for today.  Good-bye!

Reporting: Joseph Akinwale

Tuesday-July 4th

                                              New Mexico Welcome Center                               Historical Sites                                  Bridgette at restaurant in    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Fort Stockton, Texas

"The Journey to the Lone Star State"

Today we left our hotel in Tuscon, Arizona.  We headed to Fort Stockton, Texas.We crossed the state line from Arizona into New Mexico.  As you can see in picture #1 that is our first rest stop, where I took a picture of the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign.  While I was there, I also took a picture of the New Mexico, USA display.

After entering El Paso, Texas, we came to the US Border inspection where we had to make sure we didn't have any illegal aliens with us who tried to cross the border.  At this point in time in our journey to the Lone Star State we were approximately 160 miles away from our hotel in Fort Stockton, Texas.

We arrived in Fort Stockton at 8:19pm (6:19pm in California).  Our day ended at the "Bien Venidos" restaurant shown above.

Reporting: Bridgette Bryant

Wednesday-July 5th

                                           Bishop Ralph & Betty Houston                      Tier Elera and Justin Ellis                    Home of Edward and Sharon Scott

                                           with Justin Ellis outside Arby's                    on the grounds of  the" Alamo"                               -Houston, TX

"Remembering The Alamo"

In Fort Stockton, TX at our hotel, Pastor Carol told us that we had to get up early in the morning.  After we woke up, we had a continental breakfast in the lobby of our hotel, the Comfort Inn.  After having breakfast, we left Fort Stockton and were on our way to San Antonio, TX to visit the Alamo.

Before our visit to the Alamo, Joseph Akinwale' gave a brief history.  Bridgette Bryant and Joseph were responsible for todays daily devotion time.  They both gave a brief word of inspiration and prayed for our journey.

We ended our evening in the home of Edward and Sharon Scott, two major contributors of Youth Tour "2000".  They prepared Reporting: Tier Elera and Justin Ellis

Thursday-July 6th

                                                        Sis. Lossie at                                      Louisiana "Super Dome"                           The N'AWLINS Riverwalk

                                            Louisiana Welcome Center

"Welcome To  N'Awlins"

Well, to kick off our day we had a wonderful continental breakfast.  When we hit the road, I gave words of inspiration and prayed.  We traveled for about an hour or two, then we rested.

We had a rest in Louisiana where it was hot, humid and sticky all rolled into one.  At the rest stop we discovered a small crocodile in the water.  We fed it and it came from under the water and showed us it's whole body.  It was about eight feet long.

After we arrived in New Orleans, we drove around viewing sites like the Super Dome where the New Orleans Saints play. Then we ventured off to find a restaurant where we were to dine.  After two trys we settled for Piccadilly's, which was great.  It was fingerlickin' good! We finished eating and  went to what some people would call the strip, but it's name is the

"Riverwalk."  It was some experience!  The "Riverwalk" had everything. It had sportswear, party things, masks, jewelry, and food.  We left the "Riverwalk" and was Alabama bound. Before we arrived in Alabama, we  traveled through Mississippi.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to end my report by wishing my dad, Ronald Fairmon, Sr., a happy birthday.

"Happy Birthday Dad!"

Reporting: Ronald Fairmon, Jr.

Friday-July 7th

                                                 Welcome to Florida                              Tinika and Leilyon in front of                       The Civil Rights Monument

                                                                                                            Dexter  Avenue Baptist Church,


"Black History In The Making"

Hello internet surfers.  Our names are Leilyon Meyers & Tinika Houston.  We are the reporters for today.  We will tell you what we did today.  We started the day with a good breakfast at 6:00 am.  We got on the bus at approximately 8:00 am.  When we got on the bus Pastor Carol gave us a little speech and then prayed.  After that, Tinika gave a scripture from Proverbs 3:5-6.  After she gave her inspiration and prayed, I quoted a scripture from Matthew 4:23-24 and also offered a word of prayer.

Since we were so close to Florida, we decided to drive across the state line.  We saw the sign that welcomes you to Florida.  It just so happened that there was a "Piggly Wiggly" market across the street.  We then traveled to Montgomery, the capital of Alabama.  While there we visited Dr.  Martin Luther King's Church.  It was called Dexter Avenue King

Memorial Baptist Church.  We left there on our way to Tuskegee, Alabama to visit the

Tuskegee University.

We arrived in Atlanta at 6:00pm.  Our presiding Bishop, Bishop Flynn Johnson greeted us at his church, Atlanta Metropoilitan Cathedral where his staff  provided us with a wonderful finger-food buffet.

We ended our day by fellowshiping in a local laundro-mat washing and drying our clothes.

Reporting: Tinika Houston and Leilyon Meyers

Saturday-July 8th

                                             Visiting the birth home of                                   The Gravesite of                                 Tour of the Georgia Dome

                                               Martin Luther King, Jr.                               Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                                    led by Delores

"The Dream Lives On"

Today is Saturday and we had a good day. We visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. center for non-voilence.  We also visited the King birth home, and Ebenezer Baptist Church which are National Historical sites in Atlanta, Georgia.

While inside Ebenezer Baptist Church we sang a little.  In the corners of the church were pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s father and grandfather.

We also visited the Coca-Cola company,  and the Underground Mall.  In the Underground we ate lunch.  After lunch, some friends and I went to the "WB" store and there we bought things.

Next we visited the Georgia Dome.  There were a lot of floors in the Georgia Dome.  We went up to the highest floor, and it was a long way down.

At night we attended the "Metro II" service at the Atlanta Metropolitan Cathedral.

Today we did a lot of things and we all had a blessed day.  We  had a fun day.

Reporting: Cherelle Stanton

Sunday-July 9th

A day of fun and leisure!!!

"Fun, Fun, And More Fun"

Hello!  My name is Tiarra Sutton and I will tell you about our day.  Today is Sunday, July 9th, the best day of the week for me.  Our day began with a continental breakfast at the Radisson Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.  We plan to leave early to go and visit three colleges.  They are Spelman, Moorehouse and Clarke.  The security guard at Spelman was kind enough to take us on a tour.  Bill Cosby donated 27 million dollars to Spelman to build a Museum.

Now, the fun part about our day is that we went to Six Flags over Georgia.  It was the bomb!  I rode on a couple of rides and they were awesome.  The last ride that I was able to ride before leaving was the Bumper Cars.  Also, before leaving Six Flags, we stopped and picked up some souviniers.

Finally, when we returned to the hotel, we did some swimming.  We had lots of fun in the pool.  To show you how much fun we had, I chose to use the pictures we took of us having fun while swimming.

Well, this is my report for the day.  Thank you and God bless you!  

Reporting:  Tiarra Sutton

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