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This page shows the highlights of our tour from July 3rd through July 14th.  Check our participants page to see which of us was reporting on a particular day!

July 3, 2005

                                                     Pastor Carol, CEO                                             Our Bus                                     Mr. Chris Pufahl - Our Driver

The children were thrilled, the chaperons had great expectation. Our departure is only two for prayer and a special dedication for the success of our tour.  Twenty children and ten chaperons were presented. A magnificent  brunch was prepared for all participants and guests.As CEO of Eagle Empowerment, Inc., I would like to thank each supporter. You are part of a great miracle. The participants reached their goal of $45,000.00.  As CEO, my financial goal was for the balance of our budget, $60,000.00. As of today, there is a balance of $38,000.00 needed. We are exercising faith, as we prepare to depart on Tuesday, that miracles will occur and the balance of funds will be donated. We invite you to make additional donations and to invite others to make donations toward completing our goal. Remember all donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to: Eagle Empowerment, 8724 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90002. Tuesday morning at 5:00am is our departure time.  The children had an option to leave at 5:00am or 8:00am.  Yes, they chose 5:00am.  

Pastor Carol Houston, Reporter

July 5, 2005

                                                The Las Vegas Strip                                  Hanging Out Together                              Resting At A Rest Stop

I woke up this morning at 3:00am.  I left the house at 3:30am.  I arrived at the church at 4:00am.  The men and the boys were packing the luggage onto the bus. We were introduced to our bus driver. His name is Mr. Chris Pufahl.  Chris is short for Christian.  I was surprised that Chris stands for

Christian, just like my name. We left the church at 5:00am just like Pastor Carol scheduled.

The bus stopped in Fontana to pick up Sister Gwen Baker.  We stopped in Victorville at a McDonald’s for breakfast.  

Christian Meeks, Reporter

Hello Bethel family and friends.  I am one of your reporters for the day. This morning we said our goodbyes  to our families and headed for our first stop on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

The strip is a neon-lined portion of Las Vegas Boulevard.  It is known by its temperatures, but most of all its casinos and large hotels, such as Treasure Island, The Mirage, The MGM Grand  just to name a few.  After we left Las Vegas, we headed towards St. George, Utah.  We first had to pass through the point of Arizona.  Then we finally dined at a buffet called the Golden Coral.  After which, we headed for the Hampton Inn which is our hotel for the night.

In closing, I would like to give thanks to our Lord and Savior  Jesus Christ for giving Pastor Carol such a wonderful vision.  We love you!

 Tinika Houston, Reporter

July 6, 2005

                                                   The Denver Post                            Pastor Carol & Officer Karl Manley                  Our Favorite Eating Spot

The day started off with us eating a wonderful and quite delicious meal from the Hampton Inn. After that, we boarded the bus and were off to our destination. It was quite a long ride, and there was really nothing to do but entertain our own selves. After reaching our destination, we went to the Golden Corral, for our main meal of the day. There Pastor Carol was reunited with one of her brother’s goods friends, Mr. Carl Manley.  After finishing our delicious meal, we headed towards the hotel.

Darrin Oliver,  Reporter

Today we ate breakfast at the Hampton Inn. Then we got on the bus and started traveling. As we were on the road we saw some of the Rocky Mountains. After that we saw the Colorado River. We were on the road for a very long time and then we stopped for gas. When we had a full tank we got back on the road.  We got food at the Golden Corral. When we were done eating, we headed towards the hotel to rest for the evening.

Taylor Nevels, Reporter

July 7, 2005

                                                University Of Denver                                Campus Tower Layered                                 Black American  

                                                                                                                         With 24kt Gold                                         West Museum

Today we went to the University of Denver.  During the course of the tour, our guide, Libby told us that they had the largest collection of cookbooks in the world.  The university is one of  three schools that has an Olympic size pool in Colorado.  They also have many different towers around campus that are layered with 24 karat gold.   We also visited the Black American West Museum.  There we learned about one of the few all black farming communities called "Dearfield".  It was an exciting day for me.

Rochelle Tyler, Reporting

Hi, everyone my name is Tier Elera and I'm your reporter for today.  Due to the fact that our bus had a flat this morning, we were an hour late starting our  journey.  Our ride to Denver was about 6 hours.  We toured the University of Denver.  Our tour guide Libby showed us around the main parts of the Business School.  When we left, Libby gave us all a bottle of water.  This was not just your ordinary bottle of water.  This was water that had a special University of Denver label printed on it.  Our next stop was to the Black American West Museum.  The museum is a house that belonged to Dr. Justina Ford, one of the first black, female doctors in Denver.  We learned about various African Americans and more details about the house from historian, Mr. Richard Martin.  We concluded our day with a big dinner at IHOP for Aerica's birthday.  "Happy Birthday, Aerica!"  We had the pleasure of Myra Donovan one of our major contributors to Youth Tour 2005 to also join us.   Thank you Ms. Donovan for making this trip possible!  Hi, everybody

back home.  Wish you could be here.

Tier Elera, Reporting

Youth Tour 2005 Travel Log

Eagle Empowerment, Inc.

Education in Motion

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July 8, 2005

                                        Lonnie and Ronari                              Pastor Carol and Family                                   Pooling Around!

Today I gave the opening prayer for our morning devotion.  I prayed for the bus trip and that we would all have a good day.  The trip is going fine so far.  I am having a great time with my friend Jalen.  We left Denver, Colorado at 9:30 this morning on our way to Salina, Kansas.  Before arriving at our hotel, we stopped at McDonald's to eat.  I am looking forward to going swimming tonight.

Ronari Galloway, Reporting

The day started out as I read a passage from the bible. I read from Genesis 28 verses 13 and 14. What I read meant that the seed that God has planted inside of us shall grow and as it grows, so will the knowledge of many things that we have and will continue to learn from this experience.  We left Denver, Colorado and headed towards Salina, Kansas. After we drove for about 7 hours, we stopped  at McDonald's to grab a bite to eat.

  I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Lonnie Wilson, Reporting



July 9, 2005

                                          Brown v. Board of Education                   Ms. Toi Hayes - Our Tour Guide                 Front Lobby Of The Museum


This morning Timhoni gave the prayer and I did the morning devotion from Psalms 59:7-9.  I explained to everyone that this passage of scripture says, no matter what people, or the enemy tries to place in our way, God will always be there to lead, guide and protect us.  

We  left Salina, Kansas at 8:00 a.m. and headed towards Topeka, Kansas to visit the Brown v. Board Of Education National Historic Site.  I think the Brown v. Board Of Education National Historical Site was a very educational place for me.  It helped me to see how very blessed I am to be born now because I really understand how hard it was for people of color years ago.  I have learned a great deal from this experience.

Clarence Braithwaite, Reporting

I think the Brown v. Board Of Education National Historical Site was a great place to visit.  I got a chance to learn about slavery and how Blacks were treated due to segregation.  I'm so happy I was able to go to the museum because now I know that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks

worked hard to help change the world that I live in.  I want to say thank you to Ms Toi Hayes for assisting us through the tour and I would also like to thank Pastor Carol for this chance of a life time experience.  I really appreciate Pastor Carol for exposing me to a part of my heritage that I never thought much about.  I loved it!

Timhoni Galloway, Reporting



July 10, 2005


                                             Museum Of Transportation                          The Arch of St. Louis                               The Whole Gang In Front

                                                                                                                          Of The Arch

After breakfast this morning, we boarded the bus and proceeded to the Museum Of Transportation in St. Louis, MO.  Our tour guide at the museum was named Mr. Richard.  He told us he's worked at the museum since the age of 15 and has loved trains all his life.  We were able to walk through the inside of a caboose car.  Mr. Richard explained that the caboose was used as the crews living quarters as well as the engineer's office.  Our guide informed us that the rear car of trains today is now called F.R.E.D. (Flashing Rear End Device).  We then saw "Big Boy", one of  the largest steam locomotives every built out of a total of twenty-five.  This steam driven locomotive was made in 1941 by Union Pacific.  This particular locomotive was considered an "articulating" locomotive.  This meant that at bends or turns the engine could literally adapt to the winding track due to a pin and hinge mechanism located underneath the bottom of the engine.  We also enjoyed being able to go inside other different types of engines and train cars.  This gave us the opportunity to see first hand the way they looked many years ago.       

Later that day, we drove in to downtown St. Louis to see the Arch of St. Louis which is also considered "the "Gateway To The West".  We couldn't help but notice how big and beautiful the arch is.  Especially the way the sun beams down upon it causing it to shimmer and shine in the sunlight.  The Arch of St. Louis is truly a magnificent structure!

For dinner, Pastor Carol treated us once again to the Cracker Barrel restaurant.  The food was delicious and we all had a great time.  We had a full day of touring and traveling, but what a terrific day it has been.

Monae Green and Aerica Myers, Reporting  




July 11, 2005


                                  Rest Stop On The Way To Erie, PA                       Garrett & Jalen Outside                              Our Hotel In Erie, PA             

                                                                                                                 Hampton Inn In Erie, PA    

The grass IS greener  on the other side of the country.  Today was a full day of travel for us.  We were not involved in any major tours.  As we started our day, my parter Garrett prayed for our safety as we continued to travel and I gave the morning inspiration from Philippians 1:20.  I shared with the group the importance of honoring God in all that we say and do.

We  traveled through Ohio to get to Erie, Pennsylvania. When we were in Ohio, we stopped to take a restroom break  in Ashland.  This particular rest stop is in the midst of an Amish community and there happened to be an Amish family present when we arrived.  We noticed the men wore tops hats, white long sleeve shirts, black vests and they had very long beards.  The women wore white bonnets, long black dresses with vests and white long sleeve shirts.  We boarded the bus and later pulled off the highway to eat lunch at Perkins Family Restaurant, also located in Ashland.  The food was very good.

When we were done eating lunch, we needed to make a fuel stop in Cleveland, Ohio.  There we united with Ralph and R.J. Moore the husband and son of Carla Moore, a major financial contributor to our tour.  When we got back on the highway, we were driving along side one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie.  After doing our laundry at a local wash house, we ended our travels at the Hampton Inn in Erie, Pennsylvania,

Garrett Nevels and Jalen Gray,  Reporting    



July 12, 2005

                                                Waiting to board the                                  The American Falls At                                The Horseshoe Falls At

                                                 Maiden of the Mist                                       Niagara Falls, NY                                         Niagara Falls, NY


Today we woke up in Erie, Pennsylvania.  We left the hotel at 7:30 a.m.  From there it took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, New York.  To get to this historical site we traveled Interstate 90 East.  The temperature today rose to a staggering 104 degrees at 3:14 p.m.  We spoke to Ranger Tom and he told us that Canada was one-forth of a mile away from where we were standing.  In order for anyone to get into Canada one must have a passport or a birth certificate.  The only persons  in our group with their passports, eligible to cross the Canadian border,  is

 Pastor Carol and Sarah Akinwale.  

Niagara Falls is one of the seven natural wonders.   This natural phenomenon is 70 stories high and the water that flows from the bottom of the gorge ends up in the Atlantic Ocean.  Niagara Falls is the oldest National Park in the United States.  It was discovered on December 6, 1668.

We noticed that on the Canadian side both the Canadian and American flags were flying half-staff.  We later found out that this was due to the bombings in London.  In order to get around this massive park, we rode the trolley.  As the trolley transported us from stop to stop, we passed such sites as Goat Island and the Three Sisters Island.  

Niagara Falls actually consists of two major Falls, The American and the Horseshoe Falls.  We boarded a boat called the "Maiden of the Mist" that took us up close and personal with both Falls.  We wore plastic style capes with hoods, to keep us from getting soaked from the heavy mist produced by the Falls.  The mist itself looked as though it was falling from the sky.  We said, "Look what our God has done"!  This was an unbelievable day.  Our God is AWESOME!

Marlin Henderson and Jasmine Zelaya, Reporters



July 13, 2005


                                               The U.S.S. Constitution                                Charles and Kennesha                       Charles, Kennesha and Alissa Sie

                                                                                                             Aboard the U.S.S. Constitution                (Student From Westmont College)

Today we visited the U.S.S. Constitution located in the Boston National Historic Park.  In 1794 the U.S. Congress approved $688,888 to build six ships for the "new" United States Navy.  The most famous of these ships was the U.S.S. Constitution also known as "Old Ironsides".  It was given this name because during an encounter, the cannon balls which were blasted from an opposing ship, bounced off the sides of the U.S.S. Constitution as though it was made of iron.  Hence the name, "Old Ironsides".  This ship first set sail in 1798 and was constructed entirely of wood.  It was powered only by the wind.

"Old Ironsides" is called a "square-rigged" ship.  It has six levels to it.  The sick-bay was painted red so the crew would not be distracted by seeing blood.  The crew is made up of 400-500 seamen who were paid only $6.00 to $8.00 per month.  Since there were so many crew members on the ship, it was necessary for them to sleep in 4 hours shifts.   Space was limited, so hammocks were set up in the lower deck as the sleeping quarters.  The U.S.S. Constitution could not sail everywhere.  The ship sailed at an angle to the wind, never directly into the wind.  During the war of 1812, Captain Charles Stewart was on board for the final victory battle.  It was a dramatic victory for America and the U.S.S. Constitution.  From this victory the union was greatly strengthened and the U.S. rose to the rank of a first-class power.  

For several years, "Old Ironsides" was used as a training ship.  In 1871, she was repaired in Philadelphia and in 1878 went on her last trip abroad, carrying American Exhibits to the Universal Exposition at Paris.  Her long active career at sea ended in December 1881.   

After our tour, we headed for the hotel to settle in and prepare for dinner.  Today we had an awesome meal.  Pastor Carol treated us to the Cheesecake Factory.  This has been our best meal yet.

Charles Goodridge III and Kennesha Trammell,  Reporters


July 14, 2005

                                          Azadeh and Kesley Preparing                             The Tombstone of                                  The Duck Tour Vehicle

                                              For the Freedom Trail                                       John Handcock                                                                                                                  

Our names are Azadeh Myers and Kesley Green and we are your reporters for today.  We first started out with the Freedom Trail Tour with Mr. Peter as our tour guide.  The tour started at the Boston Commons.  The oldest park in the United States. We saw the new state house where the Governor lives today. The Dome of the State House was first constructed of wood, but it would leak.  They then tried copper but it turned green.  So they finally settled upon 24kt gold because

of its endurance.

We then visited the Granary Burial Ground.  Mr. Peter took us first to William Blackstar’s grave.  William Blackstar was the first person to live in Boston, Massachusetts, it was a peninsula then and he lived there alone.  He had pity for the Puritan people who had little land and no water.  He chose to share his land and his water.  He soon moved away and the Puritan’s took over.  After William Blackstar left Boston the people started hanging individuals who disobeyed the law.  When the hangmen made a mistake the crowd would loved it because each mistake would prolong the victims’ death.  The people loved a good show.

John Hancock was buried in the grave site also.  He is the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.  He signed big so no one had to use their glasses to recognize his name.  John Hancock  and George Washington were enemies.  Another grave we saw had only the name Frank.  This was an indication that Frank was a slave.  A last name was not placed on a headstone of a slave.  It was also noted that Paul Revere was buried at this site.  There was a large headstone marking his grave, but he is actually buried in a different location  in this graveyard.  We learned that Paul Revere did not ride alone during his famous Midnight Ride.  There were others riding with him declaring the Minute Men are coming.

The first successful colony was Jamestown.  It was successful because they sold tobacco to pay their debts.  Boston was able to pay their debts to the British with codfish.  We also saw a house owned by George Middleton, it was one of the stops on the Underground Railroad.  There was

only one black troop on Beacon Hill.  The troop was called the Buck.

We learned about James Otis.   He was the man that started the Revolutionary War by declaring, “A man’s home is his castle” .  He stated this in a speech while trying a case in court.  This case was regarding  British officers who were taking things from people’s home without their permission.  Mr. Otis lost this case.  After Mr. Otis' death the case was tried again and it succeeded.   Otis died suddenly while walking on top of his apartment when lightening struck him.

Later that afternoon, we went on the famous Boston Duck Tour.  We started out on the streets of Boston learning about the city.  We passed the Boston Commons, where Pope John Paul first spoke in the United States.  We were then transported from land to water.  This particular vehicle was used in World War II as both a land rover and an aquatic vehicle.  The driver allowed several of us to pilot the bus while in the water.  Our day ended with yummy pizza and salad from the California Pizza Kitchen.  

Azadeh Myers and Kesley Green, Reporters


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